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The D.U.C.K. Project celebrates 8+ years of sharing information on this wiki and 20 years since the original BTCat dialup BBS.

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An Interactive Collaborative Knowledge base Technology Sites Associated With D.U.C.K.

What this wiki hopes to achieve is the collection and organization of various documentation stored throughout our network into one centralized location. A great deal of the existing documentation is in flat plain ascii text files. These text files are largely dealing with information technology, however, there is a great deal more miscellaneous data also stored on the network.

Using a wiki makes the information more accessible than manually searching through all of the text files in different locations. The information comes from other sources besides the flat text files, including web sites such as and .

Finally, the wiki makes it easier to grow the collection of information. This is because it is so fast and easy to add information to the wiki, and create new wiki pages. This is also due to the Web 2.0 nature of the wiki, allowing for visitors to add to the information and compile their own notes within the wiki.



Update (January 29, 2014): Added support for mobile devices using the Wireless Application Protocol extension for MediaWiki. Search is enabled for the Main Page.

Update (January 23, 2014): For several weeks we have been operating on a restored backup which contained only a partial database. As of yesterday, the full wiki has been restored. User contributions are now enabled, after registration and email admin approval of new users. Total migration of information from archived sources is now estimated at 89%. -admin

Update (November 25, 2010): As of today you will be required to have a Confirmed Email Address in order to create or edit pages in this wiki. This restriction is the result of recent vandalism by our friends in the APNIC namespace. -admin

Update (January 1, 2008): There is a great deal of work involved in migrating all of the information scattered about our network into the wiki. Only some of the information is in flat text files. Other information is in web pages, Word documents, Open Office XML documents, PDF files, and other formats going back to WordPerfect 5.1 documents created in MS-DOS, and ANSI BBS screens.

The current focus is on importing data from the text trees from This process is well underway. The next step is to parse though network documents. As of January 1, 2008 the import is at approximately 42% completion. New pages of data now make up about 12% of the wiki.