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Nagravision is a company that develops encryption systems for cable and satellite television. The company is of the Kudelski Group. Nagravision is also the name of a series of encryption systems. Three versions of Nagravision are in common use for digital satellite television, known as Nagravision, Nagravision Cardmagedon, and Nagravision Aladin. Nagravision Cardmagedon is a combination of Nagravision Aladin and Mediaguard SECA 2 encryption.

Nagravision is generally used for satellite companies that broadcast fee based television programming. Broadcasts are encoded, so that non paying customers can not view programming. Encrypted programming is received by the customer, and the receiver on the customer premises has integrated decryption. The decryption unit is called a CAM (Conditional Access Modulator).

Nagravision conditional access systems are popular throughout the world and used by many top providers including Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu.

A Control Word, utilizing an 8-byte number, is a system used for scrambling a satellite television channel. A MAP is a term that describes a mathematical algorithm used to encrypt the Control Word on the customer receiver access card.

Nagravision 1

The original Nagravision 1 is now almost obsolete after it was originally compromised in 1999, although Dream Satellite maintain relative security by changing keys several times throughout the day, causing great inconvenience to unauthorized viewers.

Nagravision 2

Nagravision 2(nagra 2/N2) is a successor to the Nagra 1 encryption algorithm that is being introduced by Dishnetwork & Bell ExpressVu. Nagra 2 has been compromised allowing unauthorized access via hardware and or software to paid access television. This utilizes Nagravision Aladin.

Nagravision 3

Nagravision 3(nagra 3/N3) as of 2008 satellite providers plan to upgrade to Nagra3. Software emulation of the Nagravision system has been implemented in many Free-To-Air Satellite receivers, allowing unauthorized viewing. In response to the growing piracy of paid programming Nagra will be implemented in North America by 2009. Bell ExpressVu is already using Nagra3 as of fall 2008. Nagra3 remains secure, it has not been compromised as of 2008.

The cardswap is the effort by B3V & DN to switch out the access cards used by subscriber boxes. The cards they are replacing are nagra 2 cards and are being replaced with new Nagra3 cards, also referred to as the ROM240 (B3V), ROM241 (DN). The new DN cards are sometimes referred to as "G3" cards since G3 is on the front of them.


  • F card
  • Rom101 plastic as a bridge device between the Rom10 and the Rom102
  • JTAG port
  • IKS - Internet Key Sharing / Card Sharing
  • Rom102 - Plastic for Dik
  • S01 card
  • Rom206 - N3 plastic?