Outdoor Antenna Index for 2.4-2.5 GHz WiFi

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Andrew Grid Antenna


Andrew 26T-2400 2.4 GHz 23 dbi dipole type parabolic grid antenna with tilt mount. This is a proven antenna for establishing long distance links. The antenna loses points for the dipole which has a limited life of approximately two years, although we have seen them last much longer. The dipole is replaceable without discarding the rest of the antenna.

  • GAIN: 24dbi
  • USE: Outdoor
  • RANGE: Directional
  • VALUE: Est $130 - $150


Conifer Microceptor


Known commonly as the "Microceptor", this is a 16dbi Antenna. There are actually two types, one being 13dbi and the other being 16dbi, both members of the Confier Microceptor series. Antenna has a long life and works surprisingly well considering its simple construction and design. Considering the low price and proven performance of this antenna, it comes highly recommended.

  • GAIN: 16dbi
  • CONNECTOR: N Female
  • USE: Outdoor
  • RANGE: Directional
  • VALUE: Est $65 - $80