RadioShack 22 Channel GMRS FRS Base Station 21-1846

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Radio Shack model 21-1846 22-Channel GMRS/FRS Base Station.

210-1846 GMRS/FRS Intercom Base Station 2-Way Personal Radio


  • 38 selectable quiet codesvirtually eliminate interference
  • Hands-free voice activaition
  • Operates on home AC-no batteries required
  • Talk To Other GMRS and FRS 2-way radios


This is an A/C powered wireless intercom using FRS/GMRS radio frequencies.

Using Vox

VOX allows you to transmit hands free. To activate VOX press the [VOX] button. This toggles between VOX on or off.

A quirk with this model is that although a short-press of the [VOX] button will enable VOX, it will not always disable it. A long-press of the [VOX] button activates the feature menu. To disable VOX you have to press the [VOX] button a bit longer than the short press that activates VOX, and not quite as long as it takes to de-activate VOX. Again, this is a glitch in some models.