Sonicview SV-360 Premier

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SVLan Setup

Menu Load Method

Part 1

  1. Download and unzip latest bin to your USB drive
  2. With power off, insert USB drive into USB front port on receiver
  3. Open Menu, navigate to PVR Options, Front USB, and select the bin file from the list
  4. Choose S/W Update. Wait while file loads and updates, be patient, do not disturb receiver or thumb drive
  5. Reboot Yes when prompted

Part 2

  1. Download and install Wiznet 3.0.1 to your PC (you need this or latest version)
  2. With Sonicview on, and SVLan connected, goto PC and run Wiznet
  3. PC and SVLan on receiver must both be connected to same LAN switch or hub
  4. In Wiznet choose "Search" and it will find your SVLan adapter via network and show the Mac Address
  5. Use Wiznet to set the IP address for SVLan (network settings appropriate for your LAN)
  6. Once set click the "Settings" button next to the "Search" button

Part 3

  1. Press Menu; Choose System Settings; Choose Time Settings; Choose your time zone exit.
  2. Press Menu; Choose System Settings; Choose User Options; Set all to ON Choose your local and exit.
  3. Press Menu; Choose System Settings; Choose Parental Conrol; 0000; Set all to OFF, and ACC to Disable.

Part 4

  1. Set up birds and scan for channels

Part 5

  1. Enter "Serial Number" for SVLan

Force Load Method

How To Force Load Sonicview SV-360 Premier With USB Drive

  1. Turn the the Premier Off completely from the rear power switch
  2. Format USB flash drive
  3. Copy latest bin file fix to the flash drive
  4. Insert flash drive into premier usb port
  5. Press and hold Ok button (located on the front panel) and then turn the Premier On using the rear power switch
  6. Select the bin file and let it load

Channel Setup

FTA Setup

Charlie Testing Setup

Note: the following is theoretical, do not actually attempt this.

first load the newest channel template file

then scan sats in this order:

  • The following settings are for TESTING purposes only. You will not be able to view any programming since the satellites described below provide only scrambled signal. However, you WILL be able to do a basic test to ensure signal is being received. For information on purchasing programming see other section.

Tuner: EchoStar 7

LNB Type .......... OSC-DP
LNB Frequency ..... 11250
22KHz ............. OFF
LNB Power ......... ON
Transponder ....... 12239 *
Search Option ..... ALL
Network Search .... ON
DiSEqC ............ Port 1
Motor ............. Disable
Legacy Switch ..... OFF

Tuner: EchoStar 8,10

LNB Type .......... OSC-DP
LNB Frequency ..... 11250
22KHz ............. OFF
LNB Power ......... ON
Transponder ....... 12224 *
Search Option ..... ALL
Network Search .... ON
DiSEqC ............ Port 2
Motor ............. Disable
Legacy Switch ..... OFF
  • or any active transponder on the satellite.


Files and Updates

If using an SVLan there are support files to update firmware for the Sonicview SV-360 Premier.

  • h.ttp:// SVPremier WizHub and Lan files

note: is offline, dns expired, as of Dec 2011. None of the links above are reliable or operational at this time.

Support Forums

note: myfreeneeds is unreliable / often offline.

New Links:

Network Adapter Error!!!

Network Adapter Error!!! 
Please switch on again!!!

There have been many bad SVLan modules shipped. RMA if you are unable to verify successful connectivity between the SVLan and the receiver through the serial port.

Reception Troubleshooting

See Digital Ku-Band Mini Dish Frequencies and Channels for reception troubleshooting help with the well known Sonicview Transponder Off-By-One Glitch.