EN21 Verified Area Nets

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These nets I have either monitored, to verify, or checked in. Current as of: April 2016

70cm Nets

  • (444.325+)(FM)... Saturday 8:00pm, UNVERIFIED, Tech Net.

2m Nets

  • (146.940+)(FM)... Sunday 9:00pm, Douglas Co ARES, Formal, announcements and checkins only.
  • (145.290-)(FM)... Monday 7:00pm, Heartland Hams, Formal, announcements and chat.
  • (146.940+)(FM)... Monday 9:00pm, SWIARC Info Net, Casual, Predetermined Subject. Chat.
  • (146.820-)(FM)... Wednesday 9:00pm, SWIARC, Casual, Open Chat.
  • (146.820-)(FM)... Saturday 12:00pm, SWIARC, Casual, swap net, buy, sale, trade.

6m Nets

  • (50.200)(SSB)... Tuesday at 8:00pm, Simplex, Casual, Open Chat.

10m Nets

  • (28.350)(SSB)... Thursday at 8:00pm. VERIFIED, Casual, wb0gbi, Mitch as net control, Chat.
  • (28.305)(SSB)... Thursday at 9:00pm. UNVERIFIED 28.305 10-Meter Net.

80m Nets

  • (3.982)(SSB)... Weekdays at 7:30am, Nebraska Net, verified, weather reports from across the area and announcements.
  • (3.950)(SSB)... Weekdays at 8:00am, West Nebraska Net, verified

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