EN21 Verified Area Nets

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These nets I have either monitored, to verify, or checked in.

  • Current as of: September 2017
  • VHF Nets local to SW Iowa, SE Nebraska
  • HF Nets based out of the tri-state area
  • National HF nets are not included

The physical location of the repeater does not have to be in EN21, however, the repeater must be accessible using ordinary means by a ham operator from within the EN21 area.

70cm Nets

  • (443.450+)(FM).. [------S] CW Practice Net, Wait for code freq announcement 3rd Saturday. Informal. Open.

1.25m Nets

  • (224.760-)(FM).. [-MTWTF-] Weeknights 9:00pm, 220 Ghost Net, Informal, casual chat.
  • (224.760-)(FM).. [-----F-] Friday 10:00pm, 220 Promote the Band Net, Informal, casual chat and 1.25cm related discussion

2m Nets

  • (145.130+)(FM).. [S------] Sunday 8:00pm, Harrison Co ARES, Formal, announcements, checkins, chat.
  • (146.940+)(FM).. [S------] Sunday 9:00pm, Douglas County ARES Net, Formal, announcements and checkins only. (147.36+ backup)
  • (144.250)(SSB).. [S------] Sunday 8:00pm, 2M SSB Net, Informal, Casual, Open Chat. W0AF moderated.
  • (145.290-)(FM).. [-M-----] Monday 7:00pm, Heartland Hams, Formal, announcements and chat.
  • (145.130-)(FM).. [-M-----] Monday 7:30pm, Boyer Valley Monday Evening net, ??????, chat. kc0sum net control.
  • (146.940+)(FM).. [-M-----] Monday 9:00pm, Aksarben Info Net, Censored, Predetermined Subject. Chat.
  • (146.820-)(FM).. [--T----] Tuesday 9:00pm, Prepper’s and Survivalism Information Net, Casual, Predetermined Subject. Chat. KE0LOL net control.
  • (147.390+)(FM).. [---W---] Wednesday 8:00pm, Mid-America Council Radio Scouting Net, Casual, To promote radio scouting. KD0NMD net control.
  • (146.820-)(FM).. [---W---] Wednesday 9:00pm, SWIARC, Casual, Open Chat.
  • (145.310-)(FM).. [----T--] Thursday 9:30pm, SATERN Net, General Interest, Public Service/Emergency.
  • (146.820-)(FM).. [-----F-] Friday 9:30pm, This Week in Ham Radio, informal, round table chat, early checkins at 9pm.
  • (146.820-)(FM).. [------S] Saturday 12:00pm, SWIARC, Casual, SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap Net.
  • (145.290-)(FM).. [------S] Saturday 7:00pm, Heartland Hams Saturday Tech Net, Informal, novice technical discussion.

(!) indicates a conflict with a previously established net

10m Nets

  • (28.350)(SSB).. [----T--] Thursday at 8:00pm. VERIFIED, Casual, wb0gbi, Mitch as net control, Chat.

40m Nets

  • (7282)(SSB).. [-MTWTFS] Daily at 1:00pm. Nebraska 40 Meter SSB Net, verified, open, weather, etc.

80m Nets

  • (3897)(SSB).. [S------] Sunday at 7:15am, 3900 Club, Early Social Net, open to everyone
  • (3897)(SSB).. [S------] Sunday at 7:45am, 3900 Club [http://www.3900club.com/trader-net.html Sunday Trader's Net
  • (3982)(SSB).. [SMTWTFS] Daily at 6:30pm, Nebraska Storm Net, verified, rollcall, weather, etc.
  • (3970)(SSB).. [.MTWTF.] Weekdays at 6:45am, Eye Bank Net, verified, rollcall, weather and brief QSOs, Iowa, Neb, Kansas, etc.
  • (3982)(SSB).. [-MTWTFS] Daily at 7:30am, Nebraska Morning Phone Net, verified, rollcall, weather reports from across the area and announcements.
  • (3950)(SSB).. [-MTWTFS] MTWTFS at 8:00am, West Nebraska Net, verified, rollcall
  • (3982)(SSB).. [-MTWTFS] Daily at 12:30pm, Nebraska Cornhusker Net, verified, open, weather, etc.
  • (3970)(SSB).. [-MTWTFS] Daily at 6:00pm, Iowa 75 Meter Traffic Net, short, verified
  • (3977)(SSB).. [------S] Saturday at 8:00am, Unnamed Vintage Radio Net, verified, discussion vintage transceivers, anyone welcome.
  • (3982)(SSB).. [------S] Saturday at 8:30am, QCWA Net Omaha Chap 25, verified, Quarter Century Wireless Association.

Classifieds], open to everyone

160m Nets

  • (1995)(SSB).. [SMTWTFS] Daily at 8:00pm, (updated for DST) Nebraska Weather Net, verified, rollcall, weather, etc.

End of Nets Listing