FCC Market Blacklist due to CB Related Abuse

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The following 2-way radio transceivers have been deemed by the FCC to be illegal to import or market in the United States. This is due to the abuse by users of these transceivers on Citizen Band radio. Some of the radios were deliberately manufactured for the purpose of illegal use on CB radio. Others are incidentally and unjustly listed even though they were made to be legitimate HAM radios but where widely modified for illegal use.


  • GALAXY - models: DX33HML, DX 44V, DX55V, DX66V, DX 73V, DX 77HML, DX 88HL, DX99V and Saturn Turbo
  • CONNEX - models: 3300, 3300HP-ZX, 3300 PLUS and CX-3800
  • MIRAGE - models: 44, Galaxy 88, 9900 and 2950EX
  • NORTH STAR - models: NS-3000 and NS-9000
  • PRESIDENT - models: Grant, J.F.K., Jackson, Lincoln, HR-2510 and HR-2600
  • PRO STAR - model: 240
  • RANGER - models: AR-3500, RCI-2950, RCI-2950-DX (see below) and RCI-2970
  • TEK - model: HR-3950
  • UNIDEN - models: HR-2510 and HR-2600
  • SUPER STAR - model: 121

For example, the Galaxy models were deliberately manufactured with the knowledge that they would be used illegally on CB band. It is obvious when there is no frequency counter, just a numerical display for Citizen Band channel designation.

The Uniden President HR2510 was not manufactured for CB use, and it was never the intention of the manufacturer for it to be used this way. It is a legitimate 10-meter HAM radio that the FCC has overreached in their authority to blacklist.

Some units are "gray area" such as the Clear Channel Ranger AR-3500 which is also a legitimate HAM radio that can be illegally modified for CB use. These radios were mostly used on CB even though the Ranger makes an excellent 10-meter HAM radio. Very few were produced.