KB0SMX Field day 2016

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  • We plan to post pictures and stats from the PARC field day on kb0smx.org at some point during the next week soon.
  • complaints on conditions. 40 had more stations than could be worked. plenty of action.
  • we had smoked bbq pork for lunch sat. pot luck. my wife made breakfast sunday. alcohol free.
  • had to shut down due to lightning. also had a brief downpour at around 3am, heavy rain.
  • Our club made a 6-meter contact with Heartland Hams and Aksarben
  • We were 3-alpha, with an additional 6-meter station. No use on the GOTA station, didn't bother hooking up antenna for it.
  • KA0IJY worked 20 voice using rotatable beam, and 40 digital on an inverted V
  • N5SEZ on 6-meter using a 4 element beam, and N5SEZ coordinated bands and stations (field day chairman)
  • KG0KR on 20 CW solar power with inverted V antenna
  • W0DBW and WD0CFG on 40 voice a rotatable beam. W0DBW worked 15 meter and briefly on 20.
  • KI0PY climbed the tower to hang the rope, and assisted with CW logging for KG0KR
  • we had a call-in station on the club repeater
  • we did not get an 80-meter antenna up
  • we used 2 generators, and had 1 station on solar / battery

Field Day contact stats will be posted.

Pictures and Video will be posted.

Please stand by...






Check back later for more 2016 field day pictures!



KG0KR and AI0N CW station, Plattsmouth Nebraska 2016 Field Day.

KA0IJY operating 20-meter SSB, Plattsmouth Nebraska 2016 Field Day.

W0DBW logged the rare YL, Plattsmouth Nebraska 2016 Field Day.

Check back later for more 2016 field day videos!


Plattsmouth Amateur Radio Club