SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap Net

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EN21 Area Repeater 146.820 - Southwest Iowa Amateur Radio Club



This is one of the EN21 Verified Area Nets.


Please be courteous and review our guidelines.



Ham radio items are offered for sale during this amateur radio net. The net itself is a hybrid of general conversation and commerce. Those with items are generally first on the list when called to speak. What is allowed is the casual sale of ham radio items. Individuals are asked to refrain from offering for sale non-ham related items including C.B., cellular phone, and stereo Hi-Fi. Update on Computers: A computer is allowed if the computer is set up for use with ham radio, including having ham radio software installed. Commercial entities such as electronic store owners are not to use the net to advertise trade specific items.


Repeat offenders to the guidelines will have all listings including listing history removed from the classifieds. Egregious violators will be subject to their transmission recorded and submitted to a Nebraska Section Official Observer. Remember, you as an amateur operator are responsible for knowing the regulations.

T h e   S w a p - N e t   L e g a c y

Although Rich (wa0zqg) did not launch the SWIARC Saturday Noon Swapnet, he is the driving force that has kept it running for many years now. Thank you Rich!

Keep up with what's for sale on the SWIARC Classified. All items from the noon swap net are listed here for your convenience. You may have to clear browser cache or reload to view the latest items added to this list.

TIP TO SELLERS OR THOSE SEEKING CONTACT: Just saying "I'm good on QRZ" does not serve you well. You should want to make it EASY and EFFICIENT for interested parties to contact you. It is RECOMMENDED (but not required) that you provide a telephone number and email address or as a substitute for email you can use the QRZ idiom. However, if you truly want to be contacted only by message in a bottle or via carrier pigeon, we will be happy to oblige.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Net Control: Derek W0DBW (16 checkins)

Happy New Year!
kc0sar		Dan		Drake xceivers tr-4c SSB/Am 10-80 150w w manual, matching remote vfo, PSU, and mic
				all Drake matching, ph: (402) 331-8323
kc0tmp		Clay		Kenwood TR-7730 2M mobile $50, Tempo (Uniden) 2020 10-80HF $300, 
				ph: (402) 990-4487
kd0nme		George		Hygain Hytower AV-18HT+160 $600, email: geonjod(at)icloud.com or ph# on QRZ
ke0obn		James		wanted: good dual band or tri band mobile under $50, email: ke0obn@gmail.com



Visit the Southwest Iowa Amateur Radio Club web site.

Question: Why the (at) instead of @ in our email address?
Answer: So you don't get as much spam. You're welcome! It's a compromise, it won't stop all harvesting but it is less likely to confuse than other methods.