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Media Wiki

 Help:Wiki_Help_Resources : Contains a list of links to MediaWiki, the Help Guide.

Menus and Format

 MediaWiki:Sidebar : For editing the sidebar
 MediaWiki:Toolbox : The tool box

Miscellaneous Converts

 Wikipedia markup converter
 paste cells from excel and click submit
 HTML to Wiki Converter
 Tools/Editing tools

RegEx for Vim to preserve source code samples

%s/^\(.*\)/ <nowiki>\1<\/nowiki>/

Text wrap around image


Thumbnail Image with No Formatting of text (text won't wrap or image won't justify right)
Also has option to expand and image is in frame convention.


Redirect - Redirects are used to forward users from one page name to another. They can be useful if a particular article is referred to by multiple names, or has alternative punctuation, capitalization or spellings.

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

Piped Link

[[Help:Editing pages|editing help]]
[[Help:Editing pages#Preview|previewing]]

Quick Formatting

Deleted (strike through)(Displays as strikethrough in most browsers.)


MediaWiki Tables


Our Wiki Stars

00star.png   -   [[Image:00star.png]]
05star.png   -   [[Image:05star.png]]
10star.png   -   [[Image:10star.png]]
15star.png   -   [[Image:15star.png]]
20star.png   -   [[Image:20star.png]]
25star.png   -   [[Image:25star.png]]
30star.png   -   [[Image:30star.png]]
35star.png   -   [[Image:35star.png]]
40star.png   -   [[Image:40star.png]]
45star.png   -   [[Image:45star.png]]
50star.png   -   [[Image:50star.png]]
XXstar.png   -   [[Image:XXstar.png]]

Category Syntax


Category Page Format per DUCK standard

  <nowiki>[[Category:Internet Terminology]]</nowiki>


 [Changelog] : All changes made in the last 90 days less "my changes"
 [New pages] : Every page in descending order by date, filter by username
 [File list] : All uploaded files descending order by date uploaded
 [User list] : List of all users A-Z

 [Undo versus Rollback] : Rollback works much quicker than undo and may only be 
 used in certain circumstances; most commonly to revert obvious vandalism.  


This is a way to include text from one page within text on another page. Say the same definition for something is use in multiple pages, and you want to keep all pages current by modification of only one place, you can use a normal Wiki page as a template. Just don't put any categories on the page being used as a template.

So if Pagename is the definition or text you want to include in other pages, use the syntax above. For an example in this wiki see GoogleUpdate which is used in Processes in the Windows Task Manager.

template examples

  • {{:Template:Sparse Entry}}
  • {{:Template:Aging Entry}}
  • {{:Template:Archived Entry}}
  • {{:Template:Opinion Entry}}
  • {{:Template:Untidy Entry}}

more templates


  • ¼ is 1/4 or one-quarter - &#188;
  • ½ is 1/2 or one-half - &#189;
  • ¾ is 3/4 or three-quarter - &#190;

Mobile Device Browsers

  • WAP Site Versions