1.25 Meter Ham Radio Transceivers

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This is a loosely constructed list of past and current 1.25m 220 222 amateur radio transceivers (work in progress).


Anytone AT-588

AnyTone AT-5888UVIII


FM Only. Tri-Band FM Transceiver. 50 Watts of power output on the VHF band and 40 Watts on the UHF Band and 25 Watts on 220 Band. cross band repeat. Receiving for AM/FM signal of air band, marine band, PMR. The left side tunes 144 and 220 bands, the right side tunes 144 and 440 bands.

Retail: $350

BTech UV-50X3

FM Only. BTech UV-50X3 Mobile Tri-Band Mobile/Base with Full Duplex and Cross-Band Repeater. Operates on 136-174MHz, 222-225MHz, and 400-480MHz. The UV-50X3 will transmit at 50 watts on both UHF and VHF; and it will transmit at 5 watts on 222-225MHz. AirBand (Aviation AM) and Wide receiver reception.

Jetstream JT220M

TYT TH-9000D


TYT TH9000D 222Mhz does ctcss/dcs/scan/dtmf with 200 channels. There are five user programmable front function keys. Coverage is from 220 - 260MHz with transmit power levels VHF: 10W/25W/60W.


This is a special model of the TYT TH-9800 which substitutes 440 coverage for 220 coverage.


ADI AR-247

FM only. Double conversion superheterodyne TX: 222-225 MHz, RX: 219-228 MHz, Hi: 30 W, Mid: 15 W, Lo: 7 W. This is a problematic radio.

Used Value: $50

Alinco DR-235T


FM only. 25 Watt 100 memory Channel radio for 222 MHz. Transmit range is 222-224.995 MHz. Three power outputs (25/10/5 watts). Built in PL/CTCSS. Receive range is 216.000 - 279.995 MHz.

Azden PCS-7200


222-225MHz FM mobile transceiver

Used Value: $105

Clegg FM-76


FM Only. Clegg FM-76 220 MHz, 10 Watt. Crystal radio. 12 transmit channels each requires crystals.

Used Value: $70

Drake UV-3 Model 1346


FM Only. Triband. 144 (25W), 220 (10W) and 440 (10W) amateur bands. Frequency selection is via rotary switches on the front panel. There is a speaker built into the left panel of the radio. Model 1346 covered all three bands and included a standard dynamic mic and mobile mounting bracket.

Used Value: $400

Icom IC-37A


Power output may be selected at 25 or 5 watts. Operation is from 220-225 MHz. The speaker is built-in. This radio requires 6.5 amps. It has 9 memories. This particular radio was prone to the squelch potentiometer going bad and having a low deviation, both issues are correctable. Built in PL tone.

Icom IC-38A

220MHz FM Mobile Transceiver. Frequency Coverage: Tx: 220-225 MHz, Rx: 215-230 MHz. 21 Channel memory. Output power: High: 25 W Low: 5 W. PL/CTCSS built in.

Kenwood TM-321A

FM, Solid State, the Kenwood TM-321A transmits on 220 MHz with 5 or 25 watts.

Kenwood TM-3530A


FM, Manufactured in the 1980s. Solid State.

The Kenwood TM-3530A transmits 25 or 5 watts on 220 MHz, is 7.1 x 2.4 x 7.7 inches and weighs 4 lbs. It is 23 channel memories, Auto Repeater Offset, DTMF, and repeater offset. The display is LCD. It has built in PL/CTCSS encode, you can selct from the display.

Used Value: $300.000

Kenwood TM-621A


FM only. Dual band 144/220 MHz FM Transceiver.

Kenwood TM-631A

Kenwood TM-741A

Kenwood TM 741Ax200.jpg

FM only. 220 with module. This radio comes with 2m and 70cm and an option to add another band module. Add another single band: 28, 50, 220 or 1200 MHz. CTCSS Encode. Cross Band Repeat. 50 watt FM Two Meter. 35 watt 70cm. 220 MHz 25 watt module.

Kenwood TM-742

Kenwood TM 742x200.jpg

FM only. TM-742A TRI-Band Amateur Radio Transceiver 2M 220 440.

Midland 13-509 / Cobra 200


FM only. Fixed frequency crystals for both receiving and transmitting. Power out is either 1w or 10w.

Used value: $70

Midland 13-513

FM Only. 220-225 MHz (5 KHz steps). Hi: 20 W, Mid: 10 W, Lo: 2 W, Dual conversion superheterodyne, 1978 (Discontinued) Does not have memories, or PL Tones

Ten-Tech 1230


FM only. Kit form. Has a big front panel knob for tuning of 220Mhz MHz in 5Khz or 2.5 Khz steps. 15 memories. Included PL/CTCSS tone. 20-watts out. Highly collectible.

Used Value: $350

Yaesu FT-311RM


FM only. 25 watt mobile. Dual function controls, backlit display, coverage is 220-225 MHz, 10 memories, memory scanning or band scanning. The tone board is optional: FTS-12 CTCSS (PL) tone encoder/decoder. Somewhat scarce due to low production numbers.


Icom IC-375A

IcomIC235A 200.jpg

Multimode. Solid State. Highly sought after

Similar in design and operation to the IC-275 and IC-475. The Icom IC-375A has an amber LCD display showing frequency, VFO_t memory channel, RIT, tone squelch, duplex offset, and mode. Modes of operation: The 375 has four modes: FM. LSB, USB and CW. (No AM) optional CW filter (500 Hz). PL/CTCSS frequencies on both receive and transmit. 99 seperate memory channels. RIT (Receiver Incremental Tuning) is standard and permits a shift of up to 9.9 kHz either side of the displayed frequency. Additonal controls: RF output power, RF gain, CW keying delay, meter display, and AF tone quality from the built-in speaker.

Used value: $1200

Yaesu FT-736R

All Mode. Requires modules for each band. The 220 module FEX-736-220 allows this transceiver to operate SSB, CW and FM. With modules 50, 144, 220, 430, 440 and 1200 MHz amateur bands are possible. Comes with 2 meters and 440. Output 25 watts on 220 with module. 100 channel memory.

Used Value: $450 - $800

Drake UV-3

Gonset Communicator IV-220

Kit Transceivers

Ramsey Electronics

FM only. 220 MHZ VHF FM. Ramsey made both a receiver only and transceiver kit for 1.25m ham radio band. Crystal transceiver.