Alinco DR-135LH

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This is a highly sought after 6-meter FM transceiver built for the Asian / Russian (and possibly Latin America) market. Although marketed as 40 - 45MHz, which is just below the US 6-meter ham radio band, most of these units will transmit from 40 - 60 MHz. High Frequency: 40-59.995 MHz

This transceiver is capable of full power operation with the U.S. 6-meter ham radio band. However, it is also capable of operation outside of the ham band without modification. Such use should be avoided as not to violate law.

Some units are listed to transmit and Receive 40-54Mhz. There are units that transmit 40-49.995 MHz.


  • Weight: 1000 g
  • Adjustable output power 50/20/5 W
  • Wide / Narrow
  • one-burst - all selective call standards accepted worldwide
  • car ignition on / off function
  • frequency step 12.5, 25 kHz

Transmit Frequencies:

  • 33-40 MHz with a power of 17-18 W
  • 40-57 MHz at full power

Related: The DR-03 radios are 10m, the DR-06 is 6m, the DR-135LH is 40-45 MHz (non-USA). The "T" models are shipped with DTMF microphones. All radios covered by this manual except the DR-06T are wideband only. The DR-06T can run wide or narrow and also has an internal TNC.

Model Variations

There is very little information on these units. The unit I have personally tested covers a frequency range of 40-59.995 MHz. I was unable to find coverage for 33-40MHz. When testing models it is important to transmit into a dummy load that is highly efficient in preventing stray RF.