Avanti Moonraker

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Avanti Moonraker 4

The Avanti Moonraker, or Moonraker 4 was a directional beam antenna for CB radio.


also known as...

AV-140 4- Element Dual Beam


The Moonraker 4 uses the cubical quad type reflector for increased gain and superb rejection of signals from unwanted directions. Thus this antenna achieves exceptionally low VSWR across the tuned frequency range. The boom length is 16' 5" long.

  • Gain: 14.5db
  • Front to Back Seperation: 38db
  • Vertical to Horizontal Seperation: 25db
  • Number of elements: 4
  • Wind load: 5 sq ft
  • Weight: 24 lbs

The moonraker 4 may look like a 4 element cubic quad, but is not.


Avanti Antennas had been founded by Lou Martino. Avanti was sold in August of 1981 (assets and product lines) to Bob Paul at Antenna Specialists Co. of Cleveland, Ohio.


The aluminum hubs either turn from not being tight enough or crack from being too tight. It is recommended that you use non-metallic paint and paint the fiberglass.

When tuning the vertical match on the Moonraker people have reported problems achieving a good SWR. The vertical driven element on the Moonraker is highly effected by the location of the mast and the coax. The antenna places the vertical driven element too close to the mast bracket and coax. This causes them to radiate and produce reflected power that can change with the direction of the antenna.

The aluminum hubs break really easy if you try to over tighten them, or if you try to pry them open just enough to fit them over the center boom. Don't expect the aluminum to be at all forgiving, they just crack and break.

similar antennas

The MaCo Shooting Star beam antenna as a close match to the Moonraker 4. Maco Quad hubs have been known to work as suitable replacements for the original Avanti hubs.

Maco Shooting Star antenna parts: http://www.antennapartsoutlet.com/Pages/Products/MacoAntennas.html