GE FM Transceiver 3-5946A

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General Electric Portable Handheld 2-Way Radio. This GE Pocket Size Walkie Talkie operates in the 49MHz Radio range. Designated FM Model 3-5946

  • 2-way HT transceiver
  • Part 15 low power
  • 49.860 MHz single channel operation


This is a member of an interesting generation of FCC Part 15 low power FM transceivers, namely hand held, along with some RC control devices. (FCC Part 15.235) Under Part 15 the field strength of any emissions within this band shall not exceed 1,000 microvolts/meter at 3 meters.

When tuned to 49.860 MHz or 49.865 MHz in wide band FM operation a modified 6-meter ham radio can communicate with the GE 3-5946A although such communication is not be lawful in the United States. 49.860 MHz falls BELOW the 6-meter ham radio band.