High Power Wireless Access Points

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Bountiful Wifi BAP241W

One Watt (1000mw) Access Point - Bridge. This Access Point/Bridge/Repeater is the most powerful stand-alone unit on the market. The BAP241W can cover up to a quarter mile radius by itself, and can cover even a greater range using Radiolabs external antennas. Added functionality allows the BAP241W to act as an Wireless Access Point, WDS Bridge Unit, Gateway, and Repeater Unit. The BAP241W supports WEP, WPA, WPA(PSK) and WPA 2 with TKIP and AES encryption, the 1 Watt Wireless Access Point will keep your wireless broadcast safe.

Bountiful Wifi BWRG 1000

Access Point, Router, Point-to-Point Bridge, Point-to-multipoint bridge, and wireless repeater. Reaching the Limits of 802.11b/g Nearly 30 dBm, the limit specified by current FCC Regulations. 4X the range, up to a quarter mile of WiFi.

  • Extreme receive sensitivity of -95 dBm, even weak clients can be heard.

Supports Port Forwarding, SNMP, Quad SSID, Disable SSID, Remote Admin, DMZ Hosting. 4 LAN ports and one WLAN connection. VPN-Pass through, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2, WEP, and 802.1x to ensure 300 Mac Address Filtering and WDS : Bridge and Repeater

Now a note about these so called 1 watt devices, they are 1 watt INPUT POWER, not TRANSMIT POWER. Boy I hate how marketing misleads!

If you want to measure the actual output of a router you need to use dbm. This router out of the box transmits 39.4 dbm.