Icom IC-2820H

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Icom IC-2820H 2M/440 dual band Multi-Mode Transceiver

Icom IC-2820Hb.jpg

  • Encode/Decode
  • Diversity Reception
  • 522 Memories
  • Weather Alert (USA only)
  • Band Scope
  • V/V, U/U Simultaneous Receive
  • Three RF Output Levels 50/15/5W
  • Left Band Receive: 118-549.99 MHz
  • Right Band Receive: 118-173.99, 375-549.99, 810-999.99 MHz (less cellular)
  • Optional UT-123 DV Digital Voice / GPS


The IC-2820H is D-STAR upgradeable with the optional UT-123. Power output is 50/15/5 watts on 2 meters and 50/15/5 watts on 440 MHz.

  • 0918 OPC474 OPC- 474 Cable for transceiver to transceiver cloning.
  • 1180 OPC478 OPC- 478 Cable for PC to transceiver cloning. DB9F to 3 conductor 3.5 mm mini plug.
  • 4735 Icom OPC-1529 OPC-1529R Serial data cable to PC.
  • 4475 Icom UT123 UT-123 D-Star DV Digital Voice / GPS Unit

CHIRP supports the Icom IC-2820H


D-STAR DV mode + GPS receiver: The optional UT-123 provides D-STAR DV mode operation plus GPS receiver capability. Your location information can be sent simultaneously with the digital voice transmission.



After using the Icom IC-2820H I was thoroughly impress with the sound quality. I will post a full review here in time...

Basic Usage

cross band repeat

No modification to the radio is necessary to use the cross-band repeater capability. This is a native function of this transceiver even though it is not covered in the user manual.

  1. Select remote or repeater VHF frequency on the left side (in VFO or a memory channel)
  2. Select your local UHF frequency on the right side (In VFO or memory channel)
  3. Push the "F" button and hold in while next pressing both RIGHT and LEFT Band Knobs until you hear a BEEP
  4. The key icon will flash on the right of the LCD display if you successfully activated cross band repeat mode

TO DEACTIVATE: Press "F" until you hear beep and/or key icon (in upper right corner of display) disappear.

These steps will allow you to use your radio as a crossband repeater. It does not have an automatic ID announce. You must therefore announce you are operating on the frequencies with your FCC call sign.



Mods are available for the IC-2820H. Recommend mods: physically alter the microphone to increase low frequency voice response. Optional mods: expanded coverage modification. Other mods available.

Verified working mods will be discussed here.

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