Kenwood TK-880H

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This is an FCC Title 47 Part 90 certified transceiver. This is a business band radio that is possible to program for use on 70cm ham radio.

  • Band: 450-490 Mhz
  • 32 systems / 250 groups (trunked mode)
  • Max 600 channels (trunked mode)
  • Max 250 channels capacity (conventional mode)
  • 12 character dot matririx LCD
  • 10 character alphanumeric alias
  • Wide or narrow bandwidth frequencies

Of the various revisions the two main models:

  • TK-880 is 5W on low power and 25W on high power
  • TK-880H is 10W on low power and 45W on high power



You need the KPG-49D programming software and an appropriate cable. The KPG-49D software can program all radios in the TK-X80 series. The last released KPG-49D software runs under Windows. The cable is serial on one end and RJ45 on the other.

The TK-880 will program below 450 MHz, but the receive sensitivity is reduced. The 70cm amateur radio band is the 420 to 450 MHz portion of the UHF radio spectrum. It is said that most Kenwood LMRS 450-490 radios will go to about 442-443 mhz, but the VCO can easily be adjusted to go lower.

Re-align the radio for optimum performance on 70cm.


K-880 use software KPG-49D. The KPG-49D Version 2.(any number) and 3.(any number) are DOS based, while version 4.(any number) are Windows based and much easier to use. For a programming cable use KPG-46.

  • Recommended Software: KPG-49D Version 4

For the European version of the K-880 you will instead use the KPG-60D DOS software with the same KPG-46 cable.

kenwood programming software reference for the TK-880

  • TK-880-V1-Only - E4B3 Use only in Version 1 Radios CURRENT
  • TK-880-V2-Only - 411XXXXX E613 Corrects no mic PTT after TX via COM1 203.85 KB CURRENT
  • TK-880-V2-Only - 410XXXXX 8C84 Corrects busy ch. lockout on conventional data channels 203.56 KB
  • TK-880-V2-Only - 310xxxxx 2523 Corrects cannot decode MSK PTT ID when product is first turned on 202.95 KB
  • TK-880-V2-Only - 306XXXXX 541D Allows PTT after attempting PTT while receiving an LTR Fleetsync PTT ID 202.13 KB
  • TK-880-V2-Only - 302XXXXX 697B Corrects lock-up when GPS receiver sends a comma when set for $PRMC 201.97 KB


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