Mid-America Council Radio Scouting Net

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Boy Scouts of America Radio Scouting - Ham radio has been a part of Scouting since 1918 with the inauguration of the Wireless merit badge.

The Amateur Radio station associated with the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America began in 1952 at the Schiff Scout Reservation in New Jersey. The call sign, K2BFW, was licensed to the Boys’ Life Amateur Radio Club. In the late 1960s, Walter Maxwell, W2DU, a frequent contributor to QST, began working with the BSA and the FCC to establish a special club call sign. His efforts were rewarded in 1971 with the call sign K2BSA.

Today the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes Radio Scouting and provides a great deal of Radio Scouting information at www.k2bsa.net.

The Mid-America Council Radio Scouting Net was started by Dudley KD0NMD in 2017 on the Amateur Radio Club repeater in Bellevue Nebraska.

This net was started by: Dudley KD0NMD

Bellevue Nebraska / Near Omaha

147.390 MHz PL 131.6 Hz

Wednesday 8:00pm weekly

Online Resources

Net Control Script

This is the KN0BSA Mid America Council Radio Scouting Net.This net is held each Wednesday night at 8:00pm on the W0WYV repeater.I am WD0CFC, GARY, your net control operator this evening.


This is an informal net intended to discuss and promote radio scouting.All are welcome to participate.If there is any emergency or priority traffic, please use the double-break, break break, and we will yield the repeater.


Anyone wishing to check in to the net, please come now with your callsign and name.Over.


I will now recognize… [callsigns of checkins]

and continue with the net.

Remember to pause about every 10 or 15 minutes to ask if anyone else wants to join.I will be your backup, but I will be mobile so you will have to keep track of checkins.