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NLOS (Non Line of Sight) Point to Point (PtP) Long Distance Outdoor Wireless (WiFi) Network technology.

Long distance WiFi links are generally considered line of sight (LOS). In an ideal situation a tall enough tower can be used to ensure that the link is between two points that are line of sight. However, this is not always practical. Sometimes there is a need for a point to point system that will perform better in situations were complete line of sight is not possible. It may be necessary to shoot a signal though trees and small obstructions.

Wireless Ethernet Bridge solutions for NLOS (Non Line of Sight) to connect two points together (PtP)of up to 1.25Gbps is possible with modern wireless technology. When speaking in terms of NLOS any distance over 1 mile should be considered long distance. Some equipment is only capable of distance in fractions of a mile, and therefore is not applicable here.


900Mhz has great penetration for Non-Line of sight applications, however they are very vulnerable to interference from other devices (cordless phones, remote controls).

This frequency range is not recommended if you are close to a High Gain Cellular Tower, or near any govt. agencies such as Fire Department, Police Station, or Ambulance Center, as your signal will have a large degree of interference.






  • Tranzeo TR5 24mbps
  • Motorola PTP 300 25mbps
  • InfiLINK 40 40mbps
  • Motorola PTP 500 Lite 52mbps
  • InfiLINK 80 80mbps
  • Motorola PTP 500 105mbps
  • InfiLink 130 130mbps
  • Motorola PTP 600 Lite 150mbps
  • InfiLink 300 300mbps
  • Motorola PTP 600 300mbps
  • BridgeWave GE80X 1.25Gbps Full Duplex
  • CableFree MMW 1.25Gbps Full Duplex
  • AvaLAN AW900x 900MHz

Orthogon provides solutions that are not cost effective, some over $10K which is not worth noting here.

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