Netgear WGT634U Wireless Router

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Netgear Support Page

Netgear WGT634U - Important FIRMWARE Notice!!!

You MUST upgrade the firmware sequentially. In other words you cannot go from, say, STRAIGHT TO the latest version, which is Otherwise you will get a 'Page cannot be displayed' screen in the router interface when you try to do a firmware upload.

Erratic Operation Due to Radio

Anyone experiencing erratic operation with the Netgear WGT634U should be aware of possible SELF JAMMING that can happen when choosing a different 802.11 channel. The default channel (11) works fine on my router but, unfortunately, I immediately reprogrammed to channel 3 when I got it and caused myself a lot of grief. Symptoms are long response times or outright lockup of the router even though the front panel lights show no change. Rebooting the router fixes the problem for a while.

This router has a plastic case and therefore no radio frequency shielding. My theory is that the computer executes some code which radiates some signal, the antenna picks it up and causes the computer to respond which radiates more signal. Since the computer is probably responding to the radio on a high priority interrupt almost nothing else can get done while this thing is in an infinite FEEDBACK LOOP.


If you have problems try a different channel, preferably the default (11). If you need to use a lower channel consider adding some shielding to the case to prevent feedback. Don't block any air vents though, this thing runs hot enough. A remote antenna would reduce the problem but unfortunately, the antenna is hard-wired with no connector.