Palomar Elite 450HD

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Radio Amplifier for the 10 - 12 meter bands.

Class AB Biased SSB with Preamp.


AM/FM/SSB 3 Power Levels 12 VDC Input power: 10 Watt Dead key 80 Watt Swing Drive on AM Input power: SSB 0-80 Watt 25 db Preamp AM/SSB AUTOMATIC INTERNAL SWITCH LED INDICATORS FOR Power ON/OFF - Pre-Amp On/Off - Power Output OUTPUT 400 PEP AVERAGE

Requires a power supply with output of 40-50 AMPS.

It is a violation of US FCC regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band Service in the United States.

SWR of 1.2 Or LESS down to 24 MHZ and up to 31.999 with a 1500 watt Dummy Load.

  • 25 db Preamp
  • This device requires 8-12 watts Dead Key and 20 Watts continuous / 30 watts max to reach its high performance output.
  • 4 - 2290 Transistors
  • Power Output Max 400-500 watts
  • LED INDICATORS FOR Power ON/OFF - Pre-Amp On/Off - Power Output
  • hi-med-low switch
  • Size - 7" X 6 5/8" X 3"
  • SSB Delay triggered by rf


Palomar amplifiers have been made by multiple companies over the years and the name became synonymous with CB type linear amplifiers. But while the name was put on many different amplifiers the quality and capabilities of the amplifiers could vary greatly.

The original founders of Palomar Electronics have now passed away, including Sam Lewis Jr. Eric Lewis has now taken charge of the company and will eventually move all of the past product brands his family created to return to the Palomar Brand name. Some of those names include Powerband, Magnum, and RF Limited.