Realistic Brand Amateur Radio Transceivers

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The RadioShack Corporation is previously known by the Tandy Corporation and has produced many radio receivers over the years. They have produced very few 2-way radio transceivers that are specifically marketed to amateur radio operators. This is a list of amateur radio transceivers under the Realistic brand made by RadioShack (Radio Shack.)

  1. HTX-10 (mobile), HF, 10-meter, AM, FM, SSB, mod available for 11-meter
  2. HTX-100 (mobile), HF, 10-meter, SSB, CW (RSPN# 190-1101)
  3. HTX-200 (hand held), VHF, 2-meter, FM (RSPN# 190-1102)
  4. HTX-202 (hand held), VHF, 2-meter, FM (RSPN# 190-1120)
  5. HTX-204 (hand held), VHF, UHF, 2-meter, 70-cm, FM
  6. HTX-212 (hand held), VHF, 2-meter, FM
  7. HTX-242 (mobile), VHF, 2-meter, FM (RSPN# 190-1126)
  8. HTX-245 (???), VHF, UHF, 2-meter, 70-cm (RSPN# 190-1106)
  9. HTX-252 (mobile), VHF, 2-meter, FM (RSPN# 190-1127)
  10. HTX-400 (mobile), UHF, 70-cm, FM, mod ??? (RSPN# 190-1104)
  11. HTX-404 (hand held), UHF, 70-cm, FM, mod available but no FRS/GMRS coverage (RSPN# 190-1140)


Tandy RadioShack produced a 190-1122 HTA-20 VHF Amplifier for amateur radio producing up to 30-watts out. (RSPN# 190-1122)

No Citizen Band transceivers are included in THIS LIST although a number were produced.

In February 2015, RadioShack Corporation declared bankruptcy and announced that it was closing or selling all of its American stores. Standard General bought the company at a bankruptcy auction. The General Wireless company was created to own Radio Shack along with Sprint. A fraction of Radio Shack stores remained open using the trandmark name to sell some of the former products along with being a cell phone store for Sprint. Wireless carrier Sprint will use the Radio Shack stores to expand Sprint mobile phone operations. RadioShack is now another name for Sprint.