TYT TH-9000D 1.25M Transceiver

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65 Watt Heavy Duty Two Way VHF Mobile Transceiver with ctcss/dcs (PL & DPL).

200 Alphanumeric Channels, Full Keypad Microphone. Cool-Blue Display Backlight. Includes mounting bracket & fused power Cable. Features 3 Selectable Power levels, DTMF, Keypad lock, Scan modes & more

front panel controls:

     short press                                 long press
------------------------------                   ------------------------------
[F ]
[P1]                                             clone
[P2] open squelch "monitor"                      display operating voltage toggle
[x ] power
[P3] VFO/memory                                  scan
[P4] tune step                                   offset -,+,none, and freq
[P5] tone squelch (disable, tone, tsql, dcs)     chan memory ?

hand mic:

  • adjust transmit power: press [FUNC] then [0] to toggle though three transmit power levels.