TabStrip Control VB6

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Tab Strip / TabStrip

Tabs are not containers! In design time you cannot just select a tab and drop a control on it, assigning a different control to each tab. It just isn't how tabs work.

You must trap the click event and determine which tab is being clicked.

 Private Sub TabStrip1_Click()
   SelectedTab = TabStrip1.SelectedItem.Index
 End Sub

Setting the default tab

Private Sub Form_Load()
  'default to first tab (note: indexing starts at 1 - this is how control is designed)
  TabStrip1.Tabs(1).Selected = True
End Sub

Another Example

 Private Sub TabStrip1_Click
   TabFrame(TabStrip1.SelectedItem.Index-1).Zorder 0
 End Sub 

Tabs That Are Containers:

If you wish to use tabs that are containers, look at SStab, which is in the component Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control 6.0 (SP5). The .OCX is TABCTL32.ocx.

Adding Controls to Tabs

  1. Add and setup the tabstrip control with the number of tabs desired.
  2. Add 1 frame control for each tab. Make them each the same height and width. Name each with something like fraFirstTab, fraSecondTab, etc.
  3. Add the controls that you want to appear when the first tab is clicked to fraFirstTab. Repeat this for each remaining tab (use fraSecondTab for the second tab, etc.)
  4. set the Top and Left properties for all frames to the same value so that it appears within the tabstrip control. You may need to adjust the tabstrip height and width to accomidate this.
  5. Set the Visible property for all frame to True.
  6. Select fraFirstTabe and insure that it is on top of the ZOrder. Do this by Selecting Format -> Order and see what options are available. If "Bring to Front" is grayed out and "Send to Back to in black, then its ok, If not, click "Bring to Front".
  7. Add the following code to the Click event procedure of your tabstrip control:
 Select Case TabStrip1.SelectedItem.Index
   Case 1: fraFirstTab.ZOrder 0
   Case 2: fraSecondTab.ZOrder 0
   ' add 1 CASE statement for each tab. Change the frame control name to correspond to the tab that has been selected.
 End Select
8. What SHOULD happen is the the frame that corresponds to the tab selected is moved to the top of the ZOrder, overlaying the other frames.