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Saturday, March 17, 2018

  1. wa0zqg (nc)
  2. kd0fjr
  3. kd0vub
  4. k3ne
  5. nogr (i)
  6. w0dbw
  7. wa0jyd
  8. kc0qdg (i)
  9. n0snw
  10. ke0neu
  11. ke0opb
  12. n2rgh
  13. wb0cmc (i)
  14. ke0gkf

This week items:

Saturday, November 25, 2017

wa0zqg     swig       .
ke0lol     slick      .
kc0mux     grump      .
n0snw      Rob        .
k0oql      Joel       wanted: icom ht antenna model fa270 (402) 203-4494
kc0fan     Mike       .
kb0uwr     Art        .
kj0kim     Kim        .
wa0jyd     Norm       .
w0dbw      Derek      .
kd0fjr     Bill       .
ke0pfq     Justin     Ralston
aa0uu      Ken        items: yaesu 991 hf-vhf-uhf $800, sg237 smarttuner $200, jetstream psu $60, contact ken
ke0ope     Terry      .
kc0qdg     Phil       .
n0our      Steve      .

Saturday, October 21, 2017

wa0jyd  (Norm) NC
kd0fjr  (Bill)     - wanted item 
kc0qdg  (Phil)
kj0kim  (Kim) 
ku4zd   (Mike)     - disallowed items FCC violation - direct TV receivers, dvr, video records
n0oru   (Steve)    - with items, transceivers
ke0opb  (Terry) M
ke0lol  (Albert)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

ke0lol (i)
k0oql (i)
ne0g (i)

Hygain tailtwister rotor, big rotor will handle any antenna you've got. Must sell asking $325 OBO. automatic 5-second brake delay. 35 square foot wind load Turning Power 1000 pounds, Brake Power 9000 pounds

Saturday, June 10, 2017 - DBW ITEMS

An inexpensive way to get on the 2m Side Band Net sponsored by the Heartland Hams and SWIARC every Sunday at 8:00pm (144.250)(SSB). I have an Icom IC-746 HF,6M, and 2M all mode. It operates perfectly in SSB. It will need to have the AM/FM board repaired to operate in AM/FM. It does operate perfectly in Side Band. You get a full 100 watts PEP on 2M ssb which this makes radio perfect and ready to go if you want to participate in the Sunday net. Because it needs a minor repair for AM/FM operation selling for 1/2 price only $350 - make offer call or txt (402) 403-9662

I have an MFJ-989C Versa Tuner V 3 Kilowatt Series Roller Inductor Tuner in excellent condition, fully tested, fully functional. Connects both coax and balanced (ladder line). Has built in balun for the balanced feed line. Asking $185 - make offer call or txt (402) 403-9662.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

kc0fan		mike		bunch of stuff at sale, good prices. keyer. linear. 

wa0jyd		Norm		71/14/? 402-203-3140
				w0af house by mineola. noon. 12-4. bring beverage. pot luck? (BBQ dogs and burgers provided) 
				sat aug 20. will be some HF setup. 
				club donates $100 to food
				heartland hams donates $100 to food
kc0qdg		Phil		in/out

w0af		Don		meat and drinks and ware covered.  bring if you want. 
				don qrz address. 53243 260th st. south of minola. west of silver city.
kd0yti		Craig		

kd0vub		Dave		146.2 Alinco DR-235 mobile 25w

				TYT 9000D
				tyt quad 9800
				HYT tri-band

20khz.  223.5 simplex
1970s 2meter mobile rigs.
early 70s hf rigs
2meter all mode w ssb $50
hygain hf rig $400
123 temp drop   variac

Saturday, August 13, 2016

12:00 PM Saturday, August 13, 2016

kd0fjr		Bill
k0nhv		Nick
kd0kim		kim
kd0vub		dave		
kdc0fan		mike
kc0sy		karl
kc0qdg		phil		
w0dbw		d
kd0yti		craig
w0kdc		ken
wa0jyd		norm


2 keys, palomar engineers paddle. $30. straight key speedex $20
mjf code oscilator cto555 $10
2 d104 mics $40 each
rs htx202 2m ht w mic and clip $20
kenwood tr7400a 2m $40
tv cde antenna rotator cntrl box $1.25
drake fine condition t4xc  r4c $525 both
402 490 2168


still looking for ht

mike fan

icom 880h 2m/440 d-star		$225
2 drake low pass filters 	$5 both		402 301 2465

712 325 0446
612 bird watt meter.  30-500mhz without slug. dummy load built in.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

All checkins: wa0jyd, n0snw, k0nhv, k4din, kd0yti, w0dbw, kd0fjr


Stations, this is [callsign], net control for the regularly scheduled weekly SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap Net. My name is [first name] and I will be your net control operator today.

I will now ask for a backup net control. You will be asked to take note of each checkin as well as keep a list of any items offered for sale, or wanted items. Should my station become unavailable, you are to assume net control and continue the net. Is there anyone wishing to serve as backup net control operator for this net?


Recognize [callsign] as the backup net control.

This is [callsign], and we will now continue with the regularly scheduled weekly SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap net.

Ham radio items are offered for sale during this amateur radio net. The net itself is a hybrid of general conversation and commerce. Those with items are generally first on the list when called to speak. What is allowed is the casual sale of ham radio items. Individuals are asked to refrain from offering for sale non-ham related items including C.B., cellular phone, computer and stereo Hi-Fi. Commercial entities such as electronic store owners are not to use the net to advertise trade specific items.

Are there any mobile, portable, or short time stations that wish to check in now? Go ahead with your name and callsign.


Please wait.

Any stations with items for sale, wanted items, or announcements, go ahead now with your name and callsign.


Please wait.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

$600.00 $700 icom 706 mk 2 g $80.00 $100.00 astron rs-35m $100.00 $125.00 rigblaster pro $60.00 $75.00 mfj versa tuner 2

CURRENT CHECKINS ON February 4, 2017

kd0qh / mobile
n0snw / mobile
w0dbw w items
wd0cfc w items
kd0nme batteries $40, G5r antenna $50, ATLAS 215x with Power Supply. $275. Came out in last 70s.  all tran hf 100w
w0kdc Ken with Items: Yaesu ft450d $550 , MD-100 desk mic $75, Yaesu ft7900 d band $180.  contact via QRZ
w0af - announce: Sunday at 8pm 144.250 is the 2m SSB Net.  Now they are doing it on 144.250 SSB
kd0ddu - DMR info. New radio coming out, 45w vhf uhf . analog dmr on both coming out in april. Connect Systems.
kq0j - mobile, says it is windy 

FIELD DAY --- Saturday, June 24, 2017

  • Net Control: Norm wa0jyd (19 checkins)
* no items *
Saturday was Field Day, there were many checkins.  Here is a roll call: wa0jyd, k0nhv, kd0fjr, kd0vub, 
w0mra, kc0fan, wa0zqg, k9ana, kd0yti, kb0uwr, ke0lol, w0af, k4din, kc0rns, kc0mux, w0dbw, n0bot, n0oru, ke0nqe

Saturday July 22 2017

rich zqg norm jyd bill fjr aa0uu wb0qgx kd0boql mike dean kc0qdg kd0yti ke0lol george john kc0yko ke0vep Chris

chuck, 402 708 5372, comet db9 2m antenna

Joel oql - kenwood tm741a 2m 220 440 triband mobile radio. $375 402 203 4494 wants solder on male N connectors, needs 6

derek - my stuff

dean - wants an outdoor exlectrical box/NEMA box

Nick (402) 306-2101

Phil - Icom ic2200h 2m $100, Icom ic703 qrp (no 6m) $550, Kenwood t599 r599 + cable $500, Johnson 122 VFO (check for CB) $150. 600L central electronics amplifier $150 2 tubes 6602 813 tube phil qrz (402) 490-2168

Dec 16 2017

  • Net Control: Rich wa0zwg (13 checkins)
k0oql		Joel		wanted ph (402) 203-4494

oql - telescoping antenna that goes on top of a yaesu t-817 connects to a bnc on front

2m mobile unit dual band wants a ham radio mobile rig.