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An analog television transmitter can be thought of as two separate transmitters integrated into a common cabinet. Video information is transmitted via a visual transmitter, while audio information is transmitted via an aural transmitter. Because video and audio have different characteristics, the two transmitters differ in terms of bandwidth, modulation technique, and output power level. Nevertheless, a common transmitting antenna is generally used, and the two transmitters feed this antenna via an rf diplexer or combiner.

A digital transmitter accepts a single encoded digital bit stream that may contain video, audio, and data. In the United States, the digital terrestrial transmission standard is known as 8-VSB, which is an eight-level, vestigal sideband format. The FCC has mandated that all U.S. television stations convert to difital and terminate analog transmissions.

Digital television produces blocky, JPEG like resolution. Some people long for the days of RF modulation and regulated-yet-unregulated content. It is possible to create your own low power analog television channel.

Since the 2009 government mandated digital television transition a lot of unused television bandwidth became available. With the absence of the former analog broadcasts, this space is, although not necessarily legally, available for individuals to transmit their own signals on.

There is an in depth discussion on How To Save Analog Television - Pirate TV. Radio Transmitter guides are also available on the site.

Free Radio Berkeley is a movement that has challenged the FCC and made it possible for people other than the wealthy to operate their own radio station.

The Television Transmitter HowTo explains How to Build Your Own Underground Television Transmitter Using Commercially Available Parts.


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Agile Modulator

An article about someone using a Blonder-Tongue model AM60-550A to create a whole house UHF television transmitter.