The Basics of VB6

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These notes can be organized later.

Select Case (Switch)

CASE in Visual BASIC does not "fall through" like in C.

 Select Case Button.Key
   Case "ListCache"
   Case "Refresh"
   Case "simmode"
 End Select
 Select Case tcpClient.State
   Case 0
     tcpClient.RemoteHost = cboRemoteHost
   Case 7
     lblStatus.Caption = "Connected"
   Case 9
     lblStatus.Caption = "Connection Error"
 End Select

Case based on more than one condition

 Select Case True
   Case strMessage Like "*OK*" And lblStatus.Caption = "Connected"
   blnReceivedAll = True
 Case strMessage Like "*OK*" And lblStatus.Caption = "retrieving."
   lblStatus.Caption = "retrieving.."
   blnReceivedAll = True
 Case Else
   Set LoopTime = New TimerClass: tmrDisconnect.Enabled = True
 End Select

Public Declarations

Public strCurrentTool As String
Public fMainForm As frmQAB
Public cn As ADODB.Connection
Public rsCompanies As ADODB.Recordset
Public Const dbtContact = "contact"