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Analysts are declaring the 2012 - 2013 ammo shortage the worst since World War 2. The ammo shelves at stores are barren. Some specialized sporting goods stores are keeping ammo on the shelves by major price gouging. Many major types of common ammunition are impacted. Most bizarre might be the shortage of .22LR ammunition, a type of ammo nearly useless for defense or much other than hunting only the smallest game or target practice. The United States Government may be purchasing and stock piling almost all .22LR ammo being manufactured, leaving nearly nothing left for citizen consumers. Since the Obama administration has been unsuccessful in banning firearms, they are now going after the ammunition supply in the wake of the exploited Sandy Hook school shooting. Others speculate that although the Government is purchasing unusually high amounts of ammunition, consumer panic is resulting in an overall shortage. Any combination of the two factors to any degree does explain why there appears to be so little ammunition available. (See: Talk:Walmart_22LR) for contributor input.

Walmart has not been able to stock much for .22LR, and anything that trickles in quickly disappears off the shelves within minutes of being stocked. Walmart has not engaged in significant price gouging.

UPDATED: 2:31 PM Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Federal Ammunition 22LR 36gr Copper Plated, 550ct --best value--

Federal Ammunition 22LR 40gr Auto Match, 325ct

CCI 22 LR Tactical Bullets, 375-Count (40gr)

Winchester 22 Long Rifle

CCI 22 LR Quiet Ammo (40gr)

Remington .22 Rimfire Hollow Point, 225ct *** (once a week to monthly)

Remington 22LR Golden Bullet (36gr)

Remington .22 Target Shells (36gr)

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