Yaesu FT-8900R

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Quad Band Mobile Transceiver 29/50/144/430 MHz

  • Cross-Band Repeat
  • V+U/V+V/U+U Dual Band Operation
  • V+U Full Duplex Operation
  • 800 Memories
  • 50 Watts Output (35 Watts on 430 MHz)
  • DCS
  • Backlit DTMF Mic
  • Alpha Numeric LCD
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode
  • DCS Encode/Decode
  • Smart Search
  • 1200/9600 bps Packet Jack
  • Hyper Memory (store complete radio configuration)
  • Menu customization
  • ARTS Auto-Range Transponder System
  • Internet Key for Access to WIRES

High power output is featured with 50 watts on 10, 6 and 2 meters and 35 watts on 430 MHz. The FT-8900R provides extended receiver coverage beyond the Amateur bands. Included is coverage of 28-29.7 MHz, 50-54 MHz, 108-180 MHz, 300-480 MHz, and 700-985 MHz (cellular frequencies are blocked).



Shortcomings, it does not allow you to transmit AM modulation. Usefulness on 10-meter and 6-meter is very limited without the AM option, or SSB.

  • It can be programmed with CHIRP.
  • It is not C4FM / Yaesu System Fusion digital.
  • It can only transit using Frequency Modulation mode.

The Chinese imitation Tytera TH-9800 is actually a more capable radio offering AM transmit that the Yaesu fails to do, and the Tytera is about half the price of the Yaesu. Although the Yaesu has fewer bugs than the TYT knockoff, it seems to lack in features and therefore receives a reduced rating.