Asus WL-500gP

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Wireless Access Point, Router, and Bridge. ASUS WL-500GP V2 802.11b/g Multi-Functional Wireless Router with x2 USB Plug-N-Share hard drive function and Print Server Function.

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the ASUS RT-N16 Wireless Router.

Setting up IP address Manually

Default settings of the ASUS Wireless Router

  • IP address
  • Subnet Mask

To set up the connection with a manually assigned IP address, the address of your PC and the wireless router must be within the same subnet:

  • IP address: (xxx can be any number between 2 and 254. Make sure the IP address is not used by other device)
  • Subnet Mask: (same as WL-500gP)
  • Gateway: (IP address of WL-500gP)
  • DNS: (WL-500gP), or assign a known DNS server in your network.


This model was great for aftermarket firmwares that greatly extend the usefulness of product. In fact, Linux can be installed on this model making it into a complete solid state computer or Internet server.

OpenWRT is a special Linux designed for installation on devices such as the Asus WL-500gP. There are other Linux distributions specifically designed for such a purpose. There are also firmwares that have an appearance similar to the official Asus firmware, but with additional features and capabilities. Experimenting with these hacks can be fun and rewarding, however, come with risk. If something goes wrong it is possible to render your router useless, an thus it becomes a brick. These hacks also void your warranty, which is unlikely an issue being as this model has been discontinued.